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mw4man (Mark W. Forman) born June 6, 1952, is an American Singer-Songwriter/Musician, best known as a founding member of the Jazz-Rock quartet Project One. Hailing from a cadre of 60’s/70’s artists and musicians never quite gaining public notoriety, he is nevertheless respected among his peers as an exceptional songman/composer, musician/drummer and producer. He is also one who narrowly missed several chances at celebrity (due in part to a self-imposed 20 year hiatus from the music business; and early to mid-life struggles with alcoholism/addiction).

Early Life [edit]
Forman was born in Mount Holly, New Jersey, the only son of Harry Singer Forman and Gertrude Florence Smith. His musical abilities are attributed to his namesake...his Grandfather, Mark ‘Banjo’ Smith, a minstrel/songman celebrated in pubs along Delaware River hamlets between Philadelphia and Trenton in the years following WWII. Inspired by the Rock ‘n’ Roll and Motown hits of the day, Mark began playing drums at the age of fifteen; and quickly gained prominence as an accomplished and syncopated groove man and soloist in the local bar bands of the time. The most famous of these early endeavors (1968-1972) was with the hugely popular & enigmatic south Jersey Psychedelic-Rock band known as Scorched Earth.

In 1972, Mark answered an ad in Rolling Stone Magazine calling for drummers to audition for Columbia Records recording artists Michelangelo (who had released their first LP, One Voice Many, the previous year). Passing with flying colors (but before having a chance to sign the contract), the recording of a second Michelangelo album was placed on hold, due to one of the group’s members entering drug rehabilitation. In the interim, the other founding members went their separate ways, spelling the end for this promising act. Meanwhile, Michael Greenbaum, an A & R Executive & associate of Michelangelo Producer Rachel Elkind, liked what he had heard from the young drummer; and kept in contact during that summer, offering him a job as a studio drummer w/ Arista Records. This offer however, to Greenbaum's dismay, was unexpectedly declined after Mark adhered to an ultimatum from his love interest at the time...the options given being: a wonderful relationship, or a lousy career in music (neither of which came to fruition).

After a short stint with the Progressive-Rock quartet Crazy Smiley, (which added Singer-Songwriter/Guitarist Paul Slingbaum to a former Scorched Earth lineup of Charlie Conrad on Keyboards/Vocals and Tom Holmes on Bass) was time to move the rock 'n' roll promised land of California. There, in the summer of 1973, Mark joined forces with longtime musical ally & guitarist extraordinaire Eric ‘Cruize’ Henderson in the West Coast Acid-Rock band known as Glenada House, also featuring Mark Okrusko on Acoustic Guitar/Lead Vocals and Mark Graney on Bass. The group quickly gained a solid following amid the LA music scene, due to their wildly improvisational interludes offered up between novel Okrusco Folk-Rock and Henderson Cosmic-Rock compositions. Later that summer they were offered an audition by Brent Dangerfield, a Producer at Columbia Records who had worked with Santana, but it is not known as to why the band did not show up for the seemingly big break.

Back now in New Jersey in the mid 70's, Mark developed an interest in the 4-String Tenor Guitar...picked up a '62 Gibson acoustic model; and taught himself how to play. Having from a very early age shown a flair for singing and songwriting, it was during this period that his compositional and vocal skills began to take shape.

After jamming around as a drummer during this period...looking for new opportunities, he again with Henderson rallied together another original music group...this time a Folk-Rock/Psychedelic Jam Band known as Good Intent. This quartet also featured Bassist Mark Graney; and added Singer-Songwriter/Guitarist Michael Emick. But despite the possibilities afforded by the folk-spun songwriting talents of Emick...coupled with the soloing of Henderson, the band disbanded within a year’s time. From 1977 to 1979, Mark played Drums and shared Lead Vocal duties with Pianist Carl Davis and Bassist Mike Berry in the Rock/Jazz/R&B cover group Bringin’ it Home. Then, in 1980, frustrated over falling short of his long-term musical goals, he hung up his rock and roll shoes…for what he thought was for good.

Career [edit]
After earning a certificate in Audio/Radio/TV Electronics in 1976 from Lyon’s Institute in Cherry Hill, NJ, the young artist began to faithfully study Recording, Mastering & Audio Engineering; and to pursue a career along those lines. But by the 1980's, longing to work outdoors, he had gravitated to the building and renovations trade (as did many musicians of the time)…and then into construction management in the 1990’s, when he settled down to enjoy a quieter life with his spouse, Joyce Weiden.

Then, during a decade long period of addiction recovery beginning in 1997…and coinciding with the realization that “being stoned is not a necessary factor in the creation/enjoyment of great music”, Mark attempted a musical resurrection in 2001 by helping form the 'all-clean/sober', 60’s & 70’s Rock ‘n’ Roll cover band, Rule 62. This group, known in recovery circles as one of the best ‘clean’ bands in the NJ/Eastern PA region, would not make the transition into composing original material; and so in 2003 he again changed direction, this time cobbling together the Jazz-Rock super-quartet Project One. Along in this new endeavor were the aforementioned/venerable musical compatriot Eric Henderson…Eric's Wife (and consummate jazz songstress) Aniko Somogyi; along w/ another longstanding musical collaborator of Eric’s, Barry D. Roberts, a prolific singer-songwriter/solo performer in the Philadelphia area in his own rite. In October 2006 Project One released MoonWaves, on the independent label Lunar Records. The tracks showcased for the first time in recorded form mw4man’s talents as a musician and singer-songwriter; and, although not a huge seller, the album is respected by critics and fans alike for its cutting edge compositions and stellar performances.

The Future [edit]
Encouraged by this newfound incentive, along with a lifestyle now dedicated to the following of a spiritual path, mw4man’s reborn determination to bring his music to the masses has set him at long last on a solo album project. It is entitled Candyman’s Cupboard; and is an inspired and eclectic collection of his best songwriting and vocal performances, dating from the mid-seventies through the present day. It is currently being recorded, mixed and mastered at MoonMix Studios.

Candyman’s Cupboard will feature Project One comrade Eric 'Cruize' Henderson, along with performances from indie studio greats such as Brent Mason, Jeff Lorber, Blair Masters, Dow Tomlin, and Stuart Duncan. It will also feature tenor saxophone man 'Big' Jim Doyle (with whom Mark played alongside in Flashback), as well as vocal performances from the award winning Eryn Shewell, Eva Hargis (of 3~26), Project One Lead Vocalist Aniko Somogyi; and MoonWaves guest vocalist (& self-titled 'boop girl') Sunny Greenberg . Much of the original artwork incorporated into the CD’s design will be that of John R. Edgar, one of Mark’s earliest colleagues and lifelong best friend until his death in 1996 (and who is regarded himself as one of the great undiscovered underground cartoonists of the 1960’s and ‘70’s).

The CD is due out by the end of 2018, on Lunar Records.